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Adventuring on the lands of the Stl'pulmsh (Cowlitz) and Qwû’lh-hwai-pûm (Klickitat) people. 

Dancing with Loowit (Mt. St. Helens)
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Route Description:

Loowit, or Mount Saint Helens, is a classic introduction to volcano skiing: early season can provide fun skiing in soft snow, while spring corn brings a solid fitness test for summit pushes. For that summit push, you'll head to the Marble Mountain Sno-Park.


From here, follow the Swift Creek Ski trail northward through the woods until you need to cross Swift Creek westwards at around 3700 feet. From crossing the creek, you'll ascend a broad ridge from which you can view your ascent route heading northward: along this ascent route you'll see Monitor Ridge to your left and the Worm Flows to your right, while you'll pursue the crater rim directly north of you. Considering it's mostly a straight route with undulating ridges and gullies, you'll mostly keep to the ridge noting a monitoring station along your route near 6,000 feet. As you ascend, assess snow conditions to decide optimal travel with the upper portion of the mountain getting steeper.


Be careful as you approach the summit rim to avoid cornices. The true summit is a bit west of this direct north line, so if you want to go to the true summit either trend westward as you approach the rim or hike westward once you reach the rim. Enjoy 360 views, but as mentioned before, be careful near the rim and give it healthy distance.


After taking in the views of neighboring volcanos and transitioning to ski, you'll want to follow your ascent route for an aesthetic ski.  You can make some variations to your descent route if you would like, but be sure to avoid terrain traps while aiming to relink your exit with the Swift Creek Ski trail.


11 miles <distance>

Elevation, High Point.png

+/- 5,675 feet <vertical gain/loss>

8,365 feet <highest point>


January -May <best season>

Climbing Permit <permits>

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