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Kulshan, Boulder Glacier

Adventuring on the lands of the Nlaka'pamux and Nooksack people. 

Kulshan, Boulder Glacier Route
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Route Description:

It can be a single day push, although you can camp along the ridge if you prefer an overnight. Start at the Boulder Ridge Trailhead from which you will follow the Boulder Ridge Trail.


This trail has a lot of downed trees, so proceed with the knowledge that it will feel almost like a bushwhack. When you hit continuous snow, transition to skis but continue to follow the Boulder Ridge Trail as best you can by continuing on a northwest trajectory while staying on the north side of Boulder Creek.


As you break tree line, you will have a clear view of Boulder Ridge and the climbing route. Continue northwest until about 4,500 feet where you will find a fixed line to aid with gaining Boulder Ridge. Atop the fixed line, you'll find a boot pack to top out the ridge from which your route becomes much clearer. You'll be looking at the summit the whole way as you follow the ridge. Camping options will appear from 5,200 feet to 6,000 feet.


Around 9,500 feet you will want to traverse southwest towards the Lahar Lookout in order to line up the final summit ramp. Along this traverse, at around 10,000 feet, you will see your final ramp and be able to pick a line up to the summit.


Once on the summit, take in that gorgeous view of the North Cascades. When you're ready, transition to ski and follow your climbing route back out. Along the climb you may have eyed some corn to be skied but remember that connecting the upper glacier to the valley below will be tricky: Depending on snowpack you will want to leverage the ridge for safety as you look for a ramp into the valley for a ski out that doesn't require the fixed line.


Once in the valley, try to stick to the north side skirting below Boulder Ridge so you can cleanly link up with your forest track which you will then ski back to the trail. Once you relink up with the trail, hike on out but remember it's a  bushwhack!

Elevation, High Point.png

11.4 miles <distance>

+/- 8,040 feet <vertical gain/loss>

10,786 feet <highest point>


April-June <best season>

Northwest Forest or                            Interagency Pass <permits>

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