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Adventuring on the lands of the Sauk-Suiattle people. 

Dakobed (aka Glacier Peak)
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Route Description:

Day 1: Beginning at the North Fork Sauk Trailhead, hike east along the North Fork Sauk trail, Depending on the snowpack, you will be able to transition to skinning just below the col west of White Mountain or you may have to continue hiking eastward through White Pass then northeast to gain the White Chuck Glacier. On the the glacier, find camp (there may be nice rock islands to bivy though beware of the mountain mice!) 

Day 2: From camp, head northeast through Glacier gap. Once through Glacier gap you'll head direct north along the Suiattle glacier. At this point you may have to navigate crevasse and rock fall hazard, but the route is wide enough to stay away from big rock walls and maneuver around crevasses. At around 9,200' you'll head west towards the ridge north of Disappointment Peak. Less of a dissapointment, it actually signals a short climb north to the true summit. From the summit, you can either ski your climbing route back down or opt for the Cool glacier headwall just to the east. Once back on the Suiattle glacier you will ski out your climbing route back to camp.


Day 3: Wake early! Cause it's a long hike out. You'll be familiar with the snowpack by now, so follow your up track back out. This might mean hiking through White Pass or skiing through the col west of White Mountain. Either way, you'll be carrying your skis on your back once the switchbacks clear out, So, give yourself time for what little energy you have left. Remember to enjoy the forest as it provides shade after the sun exposed switchbacks.


31 miles <distance>

Elevation, High Point.png

+/- 12,690 feet <vertical gain/loss>

10,541 feet <highest point>


April-July <best season>

Northwest Forest or                            Interagency Pass <permits>

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